10 Reasons Why You Need A Brand Agency

At some point or another, every organisation needs the services of a brand agency. Some ignore the signs, plug their ears and pretend everything is OK, but eventually this decision will come back to haunt them.

Brand agencies work to review, redefine, refresh and reconnect your brand with your stakeholders. Using research, strategy, messaging, design and planning, a brand agency will take you on a journey to build a brand you can be proud of, that helps your business to grow and prosper.

Are you in need of a brand agency? It isn’t always obvious, so we’ve picked out 10 reasons why you may want to consider hunting one down.

1. Your strategic plan has run its course

Behind every successful business is a plan that guides the business from year to year. Whether it’s a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan or a plan with an unknown ending, eventually every plan reaches its sell by date. Enter the brand agency! Bringing expertise and an approach to get you thinking, facilitate the debate, articulate the messages, and help you define the goals.

2. Your marketing strategy isn’t delivering results

So your product or service may be the real deal but the way you are communicating with your customers just isn’t getting results. Maybe you aren’t using the right channels, or your messaging isn’t clear enough. Maybe you’re not thinking creatively, or you just need some impartial advice. Either way, brand agencies not only have experience in developing the strategy but also in helping you get the message out there.

3. You’re tired of being hidden in a crowded marketplace

The marketplace has never been so inundated by competing messages all fighting to grab the consumer’s attention. It is no longer about being better than the competition; it’s about being different. Brand agencies hate nothing more than businesses playing it safe. They are all about helping clients find their bold, brave and brilliant side, and bringing inspirational ideas to life.

4. No one can describe what you do in a clear and consistent way

Many organisations are full of people who can’t describe what their business does in less than 30 seconds. It’s the old elevator pitch game, and the sad fact is that very few people pass the test. This is a sign that your brand proposition isn’t clear enough, and if your people can’t work out what it is you do, then your customers sure aren’t going to. As part of a strategic branding process, agencies will focus on the message before attempting to tackle the look and feel. If they don’t then their doing it wrong.

5. Your identity is languishing beyond your control

Perhaps the visual representation of your brand has lost its way, you are lacking consistency across different platforms, or maybe you’ve simply outgrown a dated identity. Time to call the experts. A brand agency will understand exactly how to rein in an existing brand, create one from scratch, or work with you to evolve one in line with your strategy, vision and values.

6. Your brand name isn’t clear

There are a number of rules associated with choosing a brand name. Too often you hear of organisations that have completely ignored these rules, creating something too clunky or too narrow. If your brand name is limiting your ambition or confusing your customers, it’s time to call a brand agency.

7. Your business doesn’t stand for anything

In today’s world; businesses need more than just a shiny logo and a strap-line. They are expected to have a clear vision, a personality and a conscience. With the rise of corporate social responsibility and increased focus on accountability to consumers, your business needs to work out what it stands for.

8. Your internal culture isn’t inspiring your workforce

A business’ internal culture is as important as its external image. If your people don’t understand your brand, how do you expect them to be effective ambassadors. The result of staff not buying in to a brand’s values can be catastrophic. A brand agency will help you bring the brand to life internally through every stage of the employee journey.

9. You’re feeling out of touch with your customers

Your customers should be at the heart of everything you do. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, a lack of understanding about your target audience could spell disaster. If you have ever felt that maybe your brand is no longer speaking the same language as your customers, then it is time you called a brand agency.

10. Your competition is outperforming you

Taking the time to check out the competition is something every business needs to do. Businesses are so focused on delivering for their customers that they miss new trends and when they finally have a chance to breathe, they realise they’ve been left behind. Branding programmes will begin with audits and competitor/market research.

Do any of these points sound familiar to you and your business? If so, it may be time for you to seek out the advice of a brand agency.

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