8 Ways A Brand Agency Will Add Value To Your In-house Creative Team

Do you develop your in-house creative team or outsource to an agency partner? That’s the question which circulates around many a board room discussion throughout the lifetime of a business. There are of course pros and cons to both sides, but we believe there is a valuable middle ground.

We’ve worked as extensions of in-house teams for many of our clients and have seen some of our greatest successes from these projects. We are brand experts, but we aren’t experts in your brand, this is where we need you! Working alongside in-house teams mean projects benefit from hands-on experience of the business with added creative skills and expertise.

Here are a few of the ways an agency relationship will add value to your in-house teams:

Idea Generation.

One of the toughest parts of any creative project is develop an engaging, thought-provoking idea to form the basis of a campaign. With a limited team, all of whom are exposed to heavy doses of your brand on a daily basis, coming up with a fresh, high-level, creative idea may prove a near impossible task. You can guarantee most brand agencies regularly spend time dreaming up new, exciting, quirky ideas for clients. They trade in big ideas for brands that need an injection of creativity to communicate effectively with an audience.

Specialist Skills.

Most client side teams we’ve worked with are limited in their skill sets. Typically, you may have a designer or creative team, project lead, marketing manager, maybe some communications coordinators, but it’s rare to find digital specialists, illustrators, videographers, web designers or social media experts on a clients’ in-house team. Brand agencies populate their teams with experts from across the industry to provide a multi-dimensional service to clients. The skills they provide will give brand owners all the tools they need to build, design and manage their brand effectively.

Creative Leadership.

The level of competition within the creative agency world is huge. Low barriers to entry mean new agencie continue to pop up all over the country, offering an ever-growing range of skills and insights. In-house teams don’t suffer quite the same exposure and so can’t always be relied upon for their forward thinking, industry-leading approach to creative projects. An agency’s reputation is only as good as its last project, and with plenty of choice out there, providing top class creative leadership is paramount to success.

Best Practice.

The very nature of a successful agency dictates that there will be a constant stream of client work flowing through the door, probably from a wide range of clients. This regular practice of managing projects breeds best practice, which shapes how that agency works. The sheer volume of work, which agencies need to design, copywrite, plan, create, implement, manage and, ultimately, deliver on means their systems, processes, expertise and experience will be honed and practiced as a fine art.

Extra Manpower.

Whatever you might need an agency for whether it be strategic thinking, an independent point of view or creative insight, the most obvious benefit is the extra hands and brains. Typically, in-house teams will be under resourced in relation to turnover or size of the wider organisation. In times of need, agencies can lend a hand (literally). They are there to help clients to develop their thinking, generate greater volumes of creative work and deliver more than previously possible.

Genuine Interest.

In an incredibly competitive marketplace, agencies need all the help they can get to attract new clients. Great testimonials, exciting creatives, proven results and sterling recommendations are just some of the weapons agencies want in their arsenal. You won’t find a more dedicated team of people, focused on delivering the best results for you and your business.

Independent Perspective.

The value of an external point of view should not be ignored. The idea of employing consultants might turn you off. However, it’s very common for clients to eat their words, hats and shoes following an agency relationship. It’s not coincidence that some of the world’s greatest creative campaigns were born in agency studios, not marketing offices. An independent perspective brings with it fresh thinking and uninhibited insight which is incredibly valuable.

An Escape.

Depending on the agency, you may even seek sanctuary in their creative spaces. Many agencies choose to home themselves in stunning environments, full of creative stimulus and cutting edge resources. Breaking away from the office in favour of a shiny studio will do wonders for your thinking process.

There are countless benefits which a healthy relationship with a brand agency will bring.

Whether it be a short term requirement, or a long-lasting relationship, it’s worth considering the potential added value. So, why not speak to a few today!

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