4 Benefits Of Internal Brand Communications

Internal branding is an essential way to constantly inform, engage and inspire your people.

Whilst your employees may not be the people directly consuming your product, you need to make sure they are your biggest advocates. If they don’t believe in what you have to offer, who else is going to?

Here are 4 benefits of having effective internal branding:

1. Connection with the brand

You need to encourage your employees to live your brand. Good internal branding is a great way for your employees to connect with the business. With a clear brand vision, values and identity that people feel proud to be a part of, your people develop a stronger commitment to achieving your business objectives and can understand the part they play.

Employees should be driven by company values, not just the bottom line. If they believe in what they are working towards, they are more likely to be proud of, and loyal to, the business. The more emotionally connected employees are with the brand, the more they are likely to talk about their positive experiences and work hard for the organisation.

2. Connection with each other

With an overarching identity and vision that link your people, you are encouraging teams to reach towards a common goal together. Teams become more cohesive, united by common values. With this common drive, you are likely to see an increase in productivity and general morale.

3. Creating focus

A simple brand proposition that cuts straight through the jargon is a great way to get through to your people. If your values are easy to understand and are a true, but ambitious, reflection of reality, they will be easy to live and breathe. Introducing collective values and a collective goal will generate a collective focus. With this improved focus, you will see better results for your business.

4. Hiring and retention

Your brand is only as strong as its reputation. Having a good reputation for your strong internal culture and for being a great place to work will generate new interest and maintain loyalty. Having strong values that your people buy into will attract like-minded people to want to work for you. With coherent, well-executed internal branding, you could really foster a reputation for being a great employer.
The strength of your business depends on the experience being delivered by your people. Internal branding can be even more important than external, as your people are the starting point for success. Brand needs to start in-house and resonate outwards to other stakeholders.

If you want brand advocates, you have to go the extra mile to create them.

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