How Often Should You Rebrand?

It’s a bit like answering the question “how often should you redecorate your home?”.

You could repaint it every 5 years because that’s what the most people do. But, if you’ve looked after your house, then it might not actually need a full repaint. Just a light touch up. Routine maintenance can save a lot of money in the long run.

You could repaint it when your next door neighbour has just repainted their house. Somehow your home started to look shabby when compared to their smart new paint finishes using that fancy heritage brand that everyone seems to be using.

Perhaps you do it when something significant has changed. The kids have finally moved out or you’ve just added a new, open plan kitchen extension. The whole place needs a new lease of life and it’s time to start living in a different way.

You might recognise that the local market has changed and that suddenly your street is now a highly desirable and fashionable place to live. Property prices are on the increase and you want to protect the value of your biggest asset.

A bit of a windfall has left you with some money and you feel that after 15 years in the old place, both you and the house deserve some TLC. After all, that avocado bathroom suite has had its day.

On a recent trip to Rio, you were inspired by the design and colours that people use there and thought you’d like to try that out for yourself. Why not enjoy the carnival spirit at home?

There’s never a right or wrong time to rebrand. Or a right or wrong reason for doing it in the first place. With some timely maintenance, a strong corporate identity can last for a decade or more. But a fresh new logo and a contemporary graphic style can also lift the spirits and make your business really stand out, appealing to new customers, employees and partners.

What we all know is that our homes, and our businesses, need to move with the times.

When the marketplace shifts, local competition increases, new trend inspire us, internal change forces a rethink, teams grow, people move on or technology changes how we work, then your brand probably needs a rethink too.

Is it time that you got out the paint brushes?

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