Who Has Responsibility For Brand?

There are three answers to this question:

1. Everyone is responsible for delivering the brand.

When we work for an organisation we have a duty to support the brand and to act in ways that are consistent with the organisation’s stated ambitions and values. It falls back on the company to therefore make sure that everyone is clear what those expectations are. Reinforcing those key brand messages at every stage of the employee journey is essential.

2. The Marketing/Communications department is usually responsible for managing the brand.

This is the team that will typically have most of the resources and skills that will be required to reach out to all the different stakeholder groups and ensure the brand is effectively communicated. They will also be in control of many of the essential brand touch points and channels. It should be second nature to this team to track and report on performance.

3. The CEO is the ultimate owner or sponsor of the brand.

They are ultimately responsible for the performance of the business across a host of different dimensions. Brand is a powerful strategic tool that delivers to both the bottom line by way of the P & L account and grows longer term shareholder value by way of the Balance Sheet. Both are the responsibility of the CEO. However the CEO is also responsible for the emotional heart of the business through the culture and the people.

Both the Board and the Executive Committee should be regularly discussing the performance of the brand and ensuring that it is supporting the strategy and nurturing a high performing culture. If the CEO and their top team are not ‘living the brand’ then it’s highly unlikely anyone else will.

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