Helping Severn Trent Get Fast-Tracked

Last summer we were asked by our client Severn Trent to help them design and submit their 5 year business plan to OFWAT, the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales.

The 2019 price review enables, incentivises and encourages water companies to find new and better ways of delivering their services, so that customers will get more of what really matters to them.

The 5 year business plan covers a period from 2020-25 and is extremely in-depth,  explaining how Severn Trent will deliver:

  • affordable bills for all
  • great customer service
  • long-term resilience in the round
  • all underpinned by innovation

Severn Trent was one of only three companies to receive a fast-track rating from Ofwat. The other 14 water companies in England and Wales got either ‘Slow-Tracked’ or ‘Significant Scrutiny’.

rbl helped Severn Trent to design and deliver a series of detailed reports and a summary film that set out their detailed plans.

One of the key challenges was that the final document had to be submitted using Microsoft Word.  Ask any designer if they want to work in Microsoft Office and you’ll have a job trying to catch them as they head for the exit. But Senior Designer Liam Churchard and Senior Artworker Dan Wickes, impressed everyone with how well designed and functional the final documents were. It really did take a cool head to to be able to design and deliver a document of this length and complexity in Word!

Karen our Head of Client Services personally managed the project, liaising with the PR19 team at Severn Trent as they worked through many different updates and amendments. Being methodical and staying calm was the order of the day.

Adam Concar, our Head of Creative, art directed a series of 8 photo and video shoots, travelling across the Severn Trent region to illustrate the range of activities that this major utility provider is involved with day-to-day. We used the video captured to explain Severn Trent’s plans to both Ofwat and to their 8 million customers across the region.

Our client is delighted as Ofwat’s endorsement of Severn Trent’s plan is an important reputational win and allows them to make rapid progress on behalf of their customers.

For our part, we recognise that Severn Trent trusted us with this business-critical project when it really mattered. Everyone here rose to the challenge and did their bit to help make this such a success.

Check out the full Business Plan here.

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