Moving Up By Moving Down!

On Tuesday 20th August 2019 we are moving offices. But we’re not going far. In fact we are just moving downstairs to a much larger suite in Marlborough House.

Over the past few weeks we have been fitting out a new studio space that will provide us with a home for our growing team over the next 5 – 6 years.

This is the BEFORE image!

We have invested in designing a space that will work well for us and our clients, providing better ways to collaborate as small and large teams.

The ground floor of Marlborough House gives us over 2000 sq ft in a single, open plan space with unusually tall ceilings. It’s pretty rare to find a space so large and Marlborough House, while not the fanciest of buildings, is in a good location close to the town centre. It’s been a great home for the past 3 years and has served us well. We like the fact can we move up in the world just by moving downstairs!   

We’re going to have much more flexibility from next week:

We will have 24 desks to accommodate our own team of 14, with plenty of extra space to welcome clients and collaborators as we work together on brand strategy, campaigns and communications projects.

In the past 12 months our agency has doubled in size as we’ve worked on major brands and campaigns for clients that include the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Sport, the University of Warwick, a new university in Milton Keynes, Motorsport UK, telent Technology Services and many others.

We love the idea that clients might want to come and work at our place for a few days or a few weeks. We can give you a desk and a lovely creative environment to get down to some serious thinking and planning in relative peace and quiet. So please feel free to come and test the facilities out. On your own or with some colleagues.

We’ll have 3 meeting rooms ranging in size from a small ‘interview’ style set up, to a lovely ‘quiet room’ where no-one is allowed to disturb you, all the way to a large meeting room that can accommodate 10 people in comfort, with digital presentation facilities.

Then there’s the ginormous workshop table and the felt wall designed to facilitate creative sessions. It’s a space where agency and client teams can meet to share ideas, review work and co-create better brands. We’re really excited about that.

I have always believed that you need the right environment to produce excellent creative work; Good light, tall ceilings, thinking space, peace and quiet, social spaces to share ideas, great technology, systems that work, a feeling that you and your ideas are valued.

So we’ve lavished a lot of love on our new studio with beautiful lighting, warm finishes, interesting materials, purpose designed furniture and a calming vibe that make the big space feel welcoming and nurturing. But it’s also a space that is all about teamwork. With each other and with our clients.

It’s been a significant investment in time and money but I know that our people, our clients and the brands we build deserve somewhere special for us to come together and create some magic.

We’ve got a final few days as we transform this empty space into our new home but we’re super excited to show everyone next week.

Watch this space for the AFTER image on Tuesday!

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