A New Normality

This blog is bought to you from an unfamiliar setting. We’re not sat in the rbl studio with our beloved potted plants dotted about and bean-to-cup coffee on hand. Instead, we’re all in our alternative offices. Our old normality has been challenged somewhat of late and we, along with many others, are taking it in our stride and finding new ways to go about our business. 

All hail ZOOM Conferencing

In what felt like a nationwide work-from-home experiment, last week every member of the rbl team unplugged their Mac and headed home; with the password to our ZOOM account fast becoming our most valuable asset in unlocking the true potential of remote and agile working. 

Welcoming the extended family

At first we all felt somewhat exposed at 9am on webcam with our teams, but an unexpected and warmly welcomed by-product of this is that we’ve opened a window into our homes, ‘meeting’ other halves, mother in-laws, little ones and some furry friends.

Social distancing? We think not

Officially, social distancing is the term, but actually as a result of this new way of working, we’re more social than ever, with Google hangouts, Slacks and ZOOM chats. We’re finding we’re making even more calls – with our clients and together as an agency family – not just automatically sending an email. There’s a physical distance for sure, but you’ve got to question whether our team social interactions have reduced at all? For us that’s absolutely not the case, it’s just a different way to stay social and it turns out we’re all quite the social chameleons!

Business as usual 

We each have a series of cables under our desk that rivals Birmingham’s iconic Spaghetti Junction but it’s business as usual. We’re on hand for each and every one of our clients; projects are moving; and new briefs are coming in. It might be our hi-speed WiFi, but we like to think it’s down to strong working relationships, and that our clients trust us to support them and deliver what they need whether that’s from our studio or our kitchen table. 

Tea anyone? 

Even though our team is dispersed across the country, we’ve created an everyday virtual ritual which involves us all getting together mid afternoon on ZOOM for a daily ‘cuppa’. Virtual tea rounds take way less time, and there’s no arguing over whose turn it is. It’s also a lovely opportunity for us to come together and just talk openly about what we’re feeling, news ideas, our projects, and anything in-between over a hot drink and much needed chocolate.

We’re here, just across more locations

We won’t subject you to a ZOOM video call, we promise, unless you really want to see our lovely faces. Our telephone has been diverted to someone’s mobile, so do keep in touch if there’s anything you need. We’re here to help as usual with any work-related issues, rather than providing advice on home schooling.

We wish all our clients and agency friends the very best while they adjust to a new normal.

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