World Triathlon Championship Series

Rebranding The Formula One Triathlon

Following on from our strategic rebrand of the global governing body of triathlon we were approached by World Triathlon to evolve the identity of their flagship competition with the aim of better serving the master brand, host cities, and partners while providing fans and participants with the even more of the exciting experiences they love.

If World Triathlon is equivalent to the FIA in motorsport, then the World Triathlon Championship Series is their Formula One – the most prestigious, high-profile, and important competition on the calendar. Rebranding under these circumstances is high pressure but get it right and the benefits are massive, a halo effect for the wider brand increased awareness of the sport, and a brighter future for triathlon.

When the stakes are this high there are a million variables to consider, how does it look on TV? What can be produced locally? What needs to travel from site to site? But most importantly how do we provide host cities with the freedom to express the unique qualities of their event while ensuring that their creativity stays on brand.

Our experience working on a series of high-profile competitions for a range of governing bodies from World Sailing to Commonwealth Sport has helped to develop a unique approach, allowing competitions to have a strong central structure while flexing to meet the needs of each event.

This governing globally, empowering locally philosophy is already seeing benefits well beyond the original objectives for the brand – saving costs on production, reducing energy on transportation while increasing demand from cities, partners, and fans alike.

Find out more about this great series on the World Triathlon website or tune in to Triathlon Live to see the brand in action for yourself.

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