Supercharging strategy

As an ambitious agency with a burning desire to help more clients with their strategic brand challenges, we recognise the need to invest in talent. Which is why we’ve recently appointed from outside the agency and promoted within.

Nina Jatana, our newest Brand Strategist, brings with her a wealth of knowledge from the corporate sustainability and social impact fields. Nina has worked closely with global foundations and institutions supporting them to use their communications resources for greater impact. Her most recent project was developing a campaign for the World Health Organisation’s internal learning and development team. Nina joins Rhiannon Lowe, who was recently, and very deservedly so, promoted to Head of Strategy.

Rhiannon joined RBL brand agency in early 2019, and in those four years has been instrumental in developing the insights, ideas, and impact for many of our clients.

Rhiannon has a deep understanding of all aspects of the strategic branding and campaign planning process with experience in brand strategy development; naming and architecture; brand strength analysis; visual identity and tone of voice creation. She’s also a highly experienced brand marketeer and content creator.

Ask about her brand passion and she’ll tell you it’s storytelling; creating the rich and uniquely compelling narrative that every brand needs to engage with their audiences, however diverse. Which she has done for a diverse range of clients including Health Equals, ZSL, University of Warwick and Warwick Business School, OCI Global, Active Care Group, and many more! 

So, Nina tell us…

…Why RBL brand agency?

“I chose RBL for a few reasons. Firstly, the depth and breadth of work across a range of sectors was really appealing. Coming from a background of not-for-profit work, the chance to dig deep into shaping and building different types of brands was an exciting prospect.

What also stood out for me was the deeply collaborative nature of the way RBL works and being able to explore the nuts and bolts of an organisation to build a successful brand.

…About your aspirations

Where would I like to be? Working alongside Rhiannon to help build a strategy offering that begins with a great story right through to measuring brand success, and eventually building the team with new talent from across the region would be great. I want to use my experience and knowledge from sustainability and social impact communications to support clients to keep striving for emotive, authentic and engaging messaging. Corporate-speak doesn’t speak to anyone.

…Are we living up to what we promised?

You are certainly living up to my expectations. It’s been a great first few weeks being submerged into existing projects, pitches and getting to know how the studio and team work together.

The unlimited supply of M&S cookies is a dream.”

And Rhiannon, let’s talk about your ambitions for the team

 What does Nina’s appointment mean to you?

 “I’m thrilled that Nina has joined our team boosting our strategic and creative firepower. With deep communications expertise working on world-shaping brands and purpose-led campaigns, Nina brings new ideas and energy to the studio and will help us create even more award-winning, culturally important and transformative brands.

We’re deeply collaborative at RBL because we know we create better solutions together. Nina fits in perfectly, because she’s naturally inquisitive, asks big questions (and is hungry to find the answers!) and wants to create work with meaning. She’s also huge fun and has a silly streak. The perfect mix really.

What are your ambitions for the team?

We love what we do at RBL and we’re a team that loves working together. I think because of this we’ve developed some clear strengths that set us apart from other brand agencies. My ambition is about relentlessly building on these, honing and crafting our skills, and enhancing our strategic capabilities so that we become a standout leader in this space. I want people to know us for solving complex problems creatively and to think “there’s no one better out there to solve the brand challenge that I have”.

Fundamentally I want us to continue to push the boundaries of how to make brands meaningful in today’s world, for today’s people, because it’s this that gives a brand its currency and its power, and in turn the ability to drive success at critical moments.

To make work that matters everything we do as a team should deepen insight, make stronger connections, shape confident and compelling stories, and create change for the better.

Lastly, but most importantly, it’s about creating a team environment where we can do our best work together, and with our clients, and have lots of fun doing it.

And after 4 years with RBL, any words of advice do you have for Nina?

Ask Why.

None of us are as smart as all of us.

Believe in yourself because everyone else here does.

Trust your instincts and put your heart into everything.

Write with rhythm and soul.

Bring in good treats to avoid collective sugar crash (and fuel better ideas).”

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