Getting inside the head of our head of design

As his 2 year RBL anniversary approaches, our strategy team thought it was a good time to ask our Head of Design Jack Fitzgerald some quick-fire questions on design, strategic branding and growth. Nina Jatana, Brand Strategist at RBL sat down with Jack…here goes…

Nina Jatana: Did you always want to work in branding?

Jack Fitzgerald: I actually studied Film & TV at uni and had aspirations of becoming a scriptwriter. I started designing for fun at 24 and realised that maybe it was my calling in life.

NJ: How would you define the difference between graphic design and brand design?

JF: Something can look good, it can be impactful, it can be engaging and well designed, but to truly have reach, resonance and to represent a brand’s purpose it must be rooted in strategy.

NJ: What do you think makes a good brand designer?

JF: Someone inquisitive and analytical, not just visually minded. Someone who observes the world and all its nuances and obscurities.

NJ: And what makes a good RBL person?

JF: We like people who will feed the culture by bringing new perspectives and experiences, as opposed to people that can fit in a pre-defined box. Learning from others is a fundamental path to growing professionally and personally, so why not embrace that?

NJ: Does that extend to client relationships?

JF: Absolutely. The way we collaborate has made me understand that all ideas are valid and the more perspectives you gain, the more powerful the final piece can become. As designers, we work closely with strategists, but also with the client to co-create verbal and visual brand identities together.

NJ: Finally, what does growth at RBL mean to you?

JF: For me, growth isn’t necessarily about numbers. It’s not about headcount or the bottom line. It’s about constantly pushing the boundaries of what we do and how we do it. It’s about growing as individuals and as a team, contributing to something greater than the sum of our parts.

Thank you, Jack Fitzgerald. To find out more about our people and what we do, explore our website. Our brand new Team page will be coming soon!

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