Who needs to be consulted during a strategic brand review?

The marketing team may recommend a strategic brand review, but ultimately, it is an executive decision. It can’t consider only the perspectives of the executive team and marketing team, however. Each of your key stakeholder groups should be consulted.

What is a key stakeholder group?

Any group of people who have a relationship with your brand. That may mean the executive leadership team, senior management team, employees at every level, customers, clients, partners, members, and possibly members of your wider community.

A broader cross-section of stakeholders provides a greater depth of insight.

What level of involvement does this require?

We would suggest 1-1 interviews with key stakeholders, as well as larger group workshops. Qualitative data is often better than quantitative for strategic brand reviews because it digs into the depth of experience of those who know your organisation best. However, we sometimes use quantitative data to inform or ratify the results of qualitative research.

How much does each group need to be involved throughout the process?

Our research is conducted primarily in the first stage of the brand review process, which generally takes one month. This is where we gather stakeholder feedback. At this stage, all stakeholder’s views are weighed and considered equally. Each person is given as much time as they need to share their thoughts and views.

After this, the insight gathered during our research is consolidated into an insight report which is then shared with the decision-making team as we consult and advise to determine the best way forward. So ultimately, this team will be responsible for making the decision. Still, they will do so based on a clear, impartial assessment of what’s happening in the business, and considering the views, opinions, and preferences of all key stakeholder groups.

How do I get people on board?

In some cases, you may need to do a bit of work to get your team interested in taking part in a brand review. Reassuring them that their input will be heard, valued, and included in the final insight report, is a good way of turning people around who would otherwise be sceptical.

But often, stakeholders are eager to participate. They appreciate an opportunity for open and honest conversation about where the organisation is at. It allows them to speak in confidence to an independent third party and input on the direction of the organisation.


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