Why you should be undertaking a brand review in 2024

As the pace of change increases, it’s even harder to take the time for introspection. But 2024 is a year to harness the strengths of your brand, resolve its weaknesses, and define your role in the world, through a reflective process known as a brand review.

By getting the right people in the room you can get to the core of your brand. Down to what makes you, you.

Even though it may seem counterintuitive to take time for such big-picture thinking when everyone else is pressing forward, defining the essence of your organisation will enable your campaigns and communications to resonate more strongly, especially in our current context.

As researcher Jonatan Södergren writes:

“Brand authenticity positively influences trust and loyalty (Portal et al., 2019), increases brand equity (Vredenburg et al., 2020) and adds value to the consumer experience (Goulding & Derbaix, 2019), thus allowing brands to ‘turn a cacophony of content into a symphony of sales’ (Adweek, 2019).” [source]

As Jonatan points out, brand authenticity has many benefits, and ultimately is a driver of brand performance.

In 2024 the questions being asked are:

What is true – what is not? What is authentic – what is not?

Trust is at a minimum. Authenticity at a premium. So, 2024 is a year for doubling down on who you are.

As Sociologist Richard Peterson says, “issues of authenticity most often come into play when authenticity has been put into doubt.” (2005: 1087)

In other words, authenticity is most needed when it’s perceived to be lacking.

This is why 2024 is the right time for a brand review.

How do you get to authenticity with a brand review?

It requires a bit of introspection, but is a dynamic process, with many unexpected benefits.

A few of the things you should consider are your:

  • vision
  • mission
  • positioning
  • offer
  • culture
  • perception
  • purpose
  • meaning

Helpful questions to ask to get to this are:

  • What values do the individuals in your organisation share?
  • What would be the impact on the world if your organisation disappeared tomorrow?
  • What is the future your organisation is trying to create?

These are the type of questions we ask during a brand review, which help articulate this in a clear, compelling, and succinct way to the world.

By conducting a brand review, you clarify your story, position yourself more distinctly and set yourself up for improved performance.

It can help turn “a cacophony of content into a symphony of sales”.

In 2024, your brand is more than a symbol on the side of a building. It is a strategic asset that is critical for moving your organisation forward.

Not just something to maintain, but something to leverage. Not a quick win, but absolutely a growth lever.

It’s part of your arsenal. A tool. A platform to deliver change and even transformation.

Whether that’s engagement, positive sentiment, or the reach you need to succeed, a brand strategy that prioritises authenticity will help your brand move forward in 2024.

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