A new brand that disrupts the car leasing market by putting the customer first.

Hippo Motor Group understand that cars are so much more than four wheels and an engine. In an industry known for not always putting the customer first, they wanted to provide a better way to find, run and pay for the car that moves you.

Our challenge was to create a brand for their new offering, caruno, that would transform the way people feel about buying or leasing a car.

During the strategic brand review, it became clear that this wasn’t just about Hippo Motor Group launching a new proposition. This was about challenging the way the whole market operates for customers who don’t meet ‘prime’ criteria, and to improve their experience.

In a sector where so much of the focus is on ‘the sale’, Hippo had something different; a team of committed and passionate people, motivated by finding solutions to customer problems. This created a powerful lever to differentiate their new brand in an industry traditionally low on trust, as well as become a positive influence on the wider motor retail sector.

The strategy needed to highlight this positive difference, and do so in an authentic way that was true to the people that will be delivering it. We created a brand narrative that focuses on the culture of the employees and the positive impact that has on their customers, with a tone of voice that echoes the real experience of using caruno.

Clarity, dynamism and a unique personality are central to the identity, with an energetic visual language and punchy colour palette to cut through and stand out. Central to this is the ‘winding road’ graphic device that embodies movement and the ups and downs of life’s journey.

The brand is a highly effective platform for developing assets, including launching a new website, which utilises the visual identity and strategy in equal measure. This allows caruno to build their presence by amplifying their positive difference, creating clarity and simplicity for the customer and, ultimately, play their part in disrupting the sector for the better.

“We needed a fast result, a story that would drive performance and a clear way to show why we’re different. Working quickly and collaboratively throughout, rbl delivered on all three, giving us a brand which is helping us carve out our own space."

Tom Preston
Managing Director, Hippo Motor Group

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