The Faraday Centre

Powering a safer future for electrical safety training

From bespoke courses for global businesses, to developing solutions for emerging technologies, The Faraday Centre combines world-leading electrical safety knowledge with the world’s best learning experiences to create high voltage training you can trust.

Our challenge was to modernise the brand to keep pace with an ever-changing industry, creating a more professional and consistent image that truly reflects the quality of their offering.

The team at The Faraday Centre believe experience is the most powerful asset we have. It should be shared, valued and harnessed for the benefit of all. By going beyond words into actions, balancing theory with practice, they provide the opportunity for others to truly learn from their experience. Learning should never end. Everything they do should bring together the best of the industry to harness experience and innovation while driving safety standards ever higher.

This ambitious, but very real vision required a voice and a structure to shine. We harnessed the warmth of their people and their desire to be a partner, along with the practical side of their offering, to create a simple but powerful statement: Working safer together. The verbal and visual identity should be underpinned by this idea, with a logomark that hints at working in unison and a dynamic visual language with flexible supergraphics to complement the bold messaging.

The result is a bold, warm and flexible identity that provides the tools and assets to better showcase the important work they do, as well as to inspire their amazing people and the wider sector. With their new brand strategy and visual identity, The Faraday Centre are confident they can deliver on all their current and future ambitions, helping to create a world where everyone goes home safe, every day.

"Working with rbl has been a joy from start to finish. They truly understood our organisation, getting to the heart of the business and then bringing it to life in a way that makes us proud to do what we do."

Dr Hannah Thomas
Director, The Faraday Centre

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