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The world’s largest seed breeder gave us a simple brief - help us tell our story better.

With roots in farming, proven expertise and a stable of leading varieties it had all the ingredients for success. But in a market where customers are under pressure and competitors are mobilising, their message wasn’t cutting through.

A review of the work already done by the team highlighted a significant challenge – market leading levels of brand awareness but little knowledge of what the brand was all about.

Using primary research with partners, customers and the team we heard about the pressure farmers are under from climate change, squeezed margins and changing regulations. As an industry vital to the future of the planet these customers need great, consistently performing products but also someone they can rely on for help and advice.

Our story showed how Limagrain’s heritage, knowledge of the sector, world-leading science and committed people combine to help farmers thrive. With a track record of top performing varieties it means they can justifiably lay claim to their new positioning as ‘your trusted seed partner in a changing world.’

With the story agreed we worked within their global identity guidelines to give the company a modern image to match. Using under-utilised elements of their brand we created bold visual representations, pushing their photography style further to create a timeless, clear and confident brand expression. This enables them to execute a powerful brand story that supports, rather than conflicts with the need to promote specific seed varieties.

We worked with the team to help put it into practice including a working session at the company’s annual conference. This allowed employees to learn about the importance of brand, understand the new story and explore how they could use it everyday to support the growth ambitions of the business.

“rbl quickly understood the complexities of our business and the need to balance multiple stakeholder views, without compromising the final output. They’ve helped us to tell a really compelling story with a brand voice that creates a much more powerful impact for our brand and strong commercials.”

Will Charlton
Marketing Manager

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