The expert law firm that sees the world clearly, helping clients to realise success in life and business.

As proven legal specialists, operating regionally and nationally, SE-Solicitors support clients to manage their complex, multi-dimensional personal and business interests, with a focus on private wealth, property and commercial interests.

After 20 successful years as Spratt Endicott, a change in leadership provided the catalyst to mark a new chapter for the firm; a chapter that required a new name and a more powerful brand to build their profile in the marketplace, unlock potential, enable growth, and attract and retain the best talent.

They chose rbl to help them navigate from the ‘old’ to the new, and articulate their unique who, how and why.

Soon after engaging with the team, we started to see them differently; as talented legal experts who put clients first every time, in their approach to relationships and the solutions they advocate.

Consultation with clients confirmed this uniquely personal service, but also highlighted a traditional and outdated image of the firm.

Existing communications were verbose, with the level of detail you would expect in contractual documents. These were highly likely to disengage the reader as a result.

We also found a law firm that cared equally about colleagues, where a positive culture was critical to attract the best new talent to join and grow with the firm.

We needed to shift perceptions of this expert law firm, from traditional to progressive, from product-led to people-led, and from high street to high value.

A more contemporary brand would increase their gravitas and relevance in a fast-changing world.

We harnessed the team’s extensive knowledge of the law, their ability to cut through complexity, and their relationship-first approach to create a simple, but powerful brand essence: Seeing clearly.

We developed a supporting narrative that positions SE-Solicitors as the expert law firm that sees clients and their worlds clearly, at their side, empowering them to realise their future, in life and business. A talented team of legal specialists that regularly goes head-to-head with larger London based firms, yet a firm with a compelling point of difference that sets them apart from the rest.

Authenticity was key. By capturing imagery of the team at SE-Solicitors, we were able to project a human and approachable image that’s truly representative of the firm’s ethos.

SE-Solicitors’ person-centred approach directly informed the articulation of a clear tone of voice, based on the experience they offer: collaborative and supportive, and how they want their clients to feel: understood, valued and cared for.

Their new smart, professional and contemporary identity creates stand-out in a saturated market, making better use of a vibrant colour palette, a distinctive graphic language, typography that feels approachable and trustworthy, with a monogram that denotes a hallmark of quality.

We helped SE-Solicitors to manage this brand transition, taking the team on a journey of collaboration to create a clear positioning that elevates the law firm from a high-street provider to a high value, regional player with a national footprint.

Helping the internal team to achieve clear consensus was perhaps the most critical part of our role.

“Bringing in RBL really was a defining moment in helping us crystallise who we are, and bring to life a business strategy that is helping us reset, refocus the firm and revitalise our brand for the future. The end result is exactly what we had hoped it would be, and the feedback from both clients and employees has been totally positive. In RBL, we found the perfect partner."

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