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A change making brand campaign for an inspirational business school.

From cutting-edge research and novel ideas to empowering the next generation of change makers, Warwick Business School is building our future. Specialising in providing world-leading programmes and transformational learning experiences, WBS enables and empowers students to develop the skills, knowledge, curiosity and confidence to shape how we do business and change the world for the better.

With a global network of over 53,000 alumni in more than 167 countries, the school has created a thriving community of change makers. But in an increasingly crowded and competitive market filled with ‘me too’ brands, their story was becoming diluted and drowned out.

WBS approached rbl to help breathe new life into their proposition and provide potential students with a compelling reason to pick Warwick Business School as their destination of choice.

Change making can be a well-worn, overdone expression, used to provide meaning where purpose is lacking. But the more of the School’s alumni we spoke to the more we realised that here it was different. Here it was authentic. Here it was happening.

Every person we spoke to had a powerful story of change to tell. Real, big, true and enabled by Warwick. Big stories of personal change; big stories of inspiring change in others; big stories of breaking down barriers stopping change.

So, our approach was simple. We listened, we went deep, we got personal and then we shared what we heard. Simply, powerfully, truthfully. Because sometimes a good story is strong enough.


The more stories we heard, the more we realised that for the individuals attracted to Warwick, change wasn’t a trophy to be collected, it wasn’t a destination to be reached but a journey to experience.

We developed a narrative structure and look and feel that would allow us to cut to the heart of the story and make it personal, quickly taking the audience on those journeys and attracting those who wanted to be part of the story, not just the happy ending.

Big bold quotes, dynamic graphics, expressive textures and impactful imagery allow UN advisors, social justice trailblazers, entrepreneurs and all-round awe-inspiring people from the School’s community to tell their Warwick story and reach the next generation of talent.

Through these stories, running across socials, emblazoned on tubes and taxis, shouting proudly from the sides of buildings and boldly broadcast to the nation, our campaign demonstrates that when it comes to making a change, Warwick Business School walks the walk like no one else.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with both the final campaign and the journey we went on to get there. RBL used innovative approaches to involve us and our community, extracting more insights than we thought possible and bringing us together to move our brand on to a whole new level.”

Karen Barker
Director of Marketing & Recruitment
Warwick Business School

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