World Sailing

Creating a sustainable vision for a global community

Sailing is a global sport, loved by amateurs and professionals the world over for the unique combination of competitive action, advanced technology and the sheer power and beauty of the natural environment. As the world governing body for the sport, World Sailing wanted to better explain this unique relationship.

World Sailing’s ageing brand was out of sync with recent technological advances that have revolutionised sailing, as well as the societal changes that have changed our exposure to, and expectation of, sport.

Any new brand would need to recognise World Sailing’s role as guardian of the world’s oceans, lakes and waterways, demonstrate the sport’s constant need for innovation which appeals to corporate partners while highlighting the drama and skill which draw in competitors and fans alike.

Sailing is one of the few competitive sports where external factors play such a critical role: man is pitched against nature to harness the power of the wind and the waves to outwit his or her competitors. It is thrilling, unpredictable and elemental. It is ‘sport, nature and technology in powerful harmony’.

We helped the leadership team translate this new strategic thought into a powerful new brand capable of supporting a healthy sustainable future for the sport.

With a bold colour palette, accessible typography and the use of dynamic ‘sheet’ lines, the identity comes together to give World Sailing greater flexibility across both digital and traditional platforms while a new brand architecture encompasses all the World Sailing competitive events creating a more impactful brand ecosystem.

"World Sailing has to adapt and seize opportunities and our new positioning captures both the substance and emotion of why we all have a passion for sailing. This contemporary brand represents our new proposition and ensures we stand out in what is a very crowded marketplace.”

Andy Hunt
Chief Executive Office, World Sailing

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